Item background bb7a16f92cf5ad1ddb6916eaa68da53a21b6c271c4fa119d8ef7661758cec19a T8 background fbb3fa4cba9cd047ab6766d7780af1dcc72bf5e1b0f3d48e9151d6d97d587726 Farm yarrow seed 98f33dd558d886e8f60f1c8927bb4c192d9447d140a972345115e0ed2293ee6a

Ghoul Yarrow Seed

Ghoul Yarrow Seeds are used to plant a patch of Ghoul Yarrow
Tier 8
Pickupable No
Destroyable Yes
Max Stack Size 999
Shop Category farmables
Weight 1.7
Kind plant
Animationid planting
Activefarmfocuscost 100
Activefarmmaxcycles 1
Activefarmactiondurationseconds 1
Activefarmcyclelengthseconds 86400
Activefarmbonus 0.1333