Stealth 71b6a96f492a72a4853de16a9f4fc22f2e737355a427df01fe597aa909b449cb Ring f4f18dcc4b5278afccb6ce065260fe1163be330d96fd5ea1f4cc4d7e8cc4122c


Turn invisible for X Your first attack out of invisibility will have increased damage; the longer you stay invisible, the higher the damage buff (maximum 60%). Attacking or casting breaks the invisibility. You will also become visible if you move too far away from the activation spot. Energy Cost: X Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: $recastdelay
Target self
Casting Time 0.0
Hit Delay 0.0
Stand Time 0.0
Disruption Factor 0.0
Recast Delay 40
Energy Usage 12
Category Buff
Cancel Auto Attack After Casting Yes
Target Time Attacking Breaks Effect
self 8 true
Apply Spell