Beam arcane 8ba2f6ee95aa7cff3e653100da6e33ba186f4911a9a21427b4687c48350a8e24 Ring f4f18dcc4b5278afccb6ce065260fe1163be330d96fd5ea1f4cc4d7e8cc4122c

Armor Piercer

A demonic beam shoots out in a straight line. All enemies hit take X damage, and have their Armor and Magic Resist reduced by X for X Energy Cost: X Cast Time: instant Range: X Cooldown: $recastdelay
Target ground
Hit Delay 0.4
Stand Time 1
Disruption Factor 1
Recast Delay 15
Energy Usage 11
Cast Range 25
Category debuff
Max Stack 1
Keepmovingaftercast No
Spell Effect Area
Effect Target Time
enemy 0.7