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Assassin Spirit

Increases your normal attack speed by X and normal attack damage by X for X However, it also reduces your resistances by X (Stacks up to 3 times.) Activating at maximum stacks will consume all stacks and turn you invisible for X (Taking or dealing damage removes the invisibility.) Energy Cost: X Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: $recastdelay
Target self
Disruption Factor 1
Recast Delay 4
Energy Usage 6
Category Buff
Cancel Auto Attack After Casting No
Maxcharges 3
Unlockedtoequip No
Buff Over Time
Type Value Target Time
attackspeedbonus 0.12 self 7
physicalattackdamagebonus 0.3 self 7
physicalarmor -0.07 self 7
magicresistance -0.07 self 7
Apply Spell