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Death Curse

Places a death curse on the target, and will deal damage to the target after a few seconds depending on the number of charges of the Vile Curse on the target. Zero Charges: X damage One Charge: X damage Two Charges: X damage Three Charges: X damage Four Charges: X damage Energy Cost: X Cast time: X Range: X Cooldown: $recastdelay
Target enemy
Casting Time 1.5
Hit Delay 0.4
Stand Time 0.4
Disruption Factor 1
Recast Delay 15
Energy Usage 15
Cast Range 11
Category debuff
Max Stack 1
Keepmovingaftercast No
Direct Attribute Change
Target Attribute Chance Effect Type
enemy health -13.16 magic
Pulsing Spell
Spells Target Initial Interval Interval Count
enemy 5 1 1