Buff damage 50a8ac92fd45eeb04a66843f8e85c04c85ce8bd24eff1b154a5f837e0dfc9e36 Ring f4f18dcc4b5278afccb6ce065260fe1163be330d96fd5ea1f4cc4d7e8cc4122c

Defenseless Rush

Increases your move speed by X and your damage by X for X While the Rush is active, your Armor is also reduced by X Energy Cost: free Cast Time: instant Range: self Cooldown: $recastdelay
Target self
Stand Time 0.0
Disruption Factor 1
Recast Delay 30
Category movementbuff
Buff Over Time
Type Value Target Time
movespeedbonus 0.75 self 5
physicalarmor -0.24 self 5
magicresistance -0.24 self 5
physicalattackdamagebonus 0.20 self 5
magicattackdamagebonus 0.20 self 5
physicalspelldamagebonus 0.20 self 5
magicspelldamagebonus 0.20 self 5